Sunday, November 12, 2017

Will People Make Money Online With Google Sniper in 2018?

Make Money With Google Sniper in 2018
I stopped writing on this blog after I moved my content to a dot com. How did it go? Well, to be honest, getting a dot com was a difficult thing to manage, and then when the renewal time came up, the host wanted one hundred dollars more than the initial cost of the hosting. I couldn’t afford it. Did I make money online with Google Sniper? The short answer is yes, but the long answer is a bit more complicated.

Google Sniper Takes Time

In order to fully understand what you need to do in order to make money online with Google Sniper, you need to give it time. My mistake was that I was rushing everything because I had a limited time with the hosting account that I had. While that site wasn’t doing as well as I’d hoped, I worked with blogger on another opportunity. I worked with a keyword that no one cared about, and it turned out that I ended up with a positive push forward. My hosting account drowned, but my free websites with were doing fantastic. To the point where I was making more money with Google Adsense via my Blogger websites than with my hosting!

Can You Truly Make Money With Google Sniper?

The truth is yes! I made money with Clickbank throughout the year, and last year was able to pull 11,000 dollars. This year? I have been making a fraction of what I made in the past, but I did manage to make money with Adsense. I also made money with FREE websites! I know, that sounds preposterous, but the reason why I was making good money was because I was building content like crazy. One of the things that I am good at, is simple, writing. I can write like a house on fire, so the opportunity to make money online with Google Sniper became a bit easier for me. If you can write content, then you have what it takes to truly make some money online.

Will People Make Money Online With Google Sniper in 2018?

As 2017 is coming to close, you may ask yourself whether or not you’re going to make any money. The truth is simple, yes. If you are truly interested in how to make money online with Google Sniper, then the time is now to set your website out. If you heed my word about this right now, you could start a website after you sign up for Google Sniper here. Then charge ahead to making money. Look, I did it this year and last year, and I did it with free websites. But admittedly, I was rushing it. Now? I’m back to trying to build something better, through this blog, and a new idea that dawned on me in the shower.

Look, if you’re serious about learning how to make money online, give Google Sniper a shot here. Then put in 30 days of time learning how to build a simple site using the methods outlined for 2018, and you’ll make a quality side income, nearly guaranteed.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Ranking In The Top 5 In Google With Free Blogging Platforms

Google Sniper Works in 2016 - How Do You Rank Your Pages?
One of the many tricks that you will learn with Google Sniper’s methods is how to rank your pages within the first page of Google listings. I took this notion on with several free blogs. Now, one of the things that George Brown talks about in Google Sniper is that you should get WordPress and a domain name. I didn’t do that. I wanted to go the harder way, to prove that I can rank any topic in the top 5 of Google with relative ease. It wasn’t easy. However, I did manage to rank something in the top 5, and this is how I did it, all with the ideas that I first learned in Google Sniper, and you can follow along if you’d like.

Russian Orthodox Beads

My chosen keyword using the methods learned in Google Sniper was Russian Orthodox Beads. I wanted to rank in the top 5, and ended up landing there yesterday in that spot. I am currently ranked really high for other keywords in the niche, but this was my main goal. What I did was simple. I chose the keyword set, and then started writing blog posts that had that in the main body of the article. I also utilized “minor headings” to promote the keyword where I could, and I just simply wrote about the benefits, and elements that were discussing the topic. That’s it. Right now, I’m ranking at the number 3 spot for that keyword.

Here's a screen grab taken today, 7/11/2016.

As you can see, I was able to outrank a lot of great websites, and I haven’t even touched the site in a long time. In fact, I haven’t updated the site since January 11, 2016. That’s an incredible element that most people don’t think about. If you are looking at ranking within any search engine, you can take my advice and make it happen. You can also take on the Google Sniper challenge and actually make more money by having your own domain name, and doing the steps that George Brown talks about.

How To Rank In The Top 5 With Free Blogging Platforms in 5 Steps

At this point you’re going to wonder how I did. Well, that’s easy. I took on a few principles and just ran with it. Now, this could have failed easily, but it didn’t. The reason why it did not fail was because I wouldn’t let it, I just kept pushing forward, and it paid off dividends. These are the steps I took to making this rank for a keyword set that has 139,000 page results, and mine is at the number 3 spot right now.

  • Step 1 – Pick a Domain That Has The Keyword In It (Mine is Russian Orthodox Beads)
  • Step2 – Make Sure The Meta Tags State Your Title’s Purpose. (Mine is authentic prayer beads for sale)
  • Step3 – Write at least 20 posts with your keyword in the title.
  • Step4 – Keep posting updates.
  • Step5 – Wait

As you can see, it took my free blog on blogspot 7 months from the last time I posted to get to the first page of Google and at the number 3 spot for the keyword “Russian Orthodox Beads”. That’s something that is only third to St. Paisius Monastery and Wikipedia’s Prayer Rope! This is something that anyone can do, but most people won’t.

The reason why is simple, they don’t want to work at it. Now, if you are interested in getting results like this, you will need to do one of two things. You will need to do it yourself, or you will need to hire someone to do it for you. I can help you with this if you’d like, but chances are you won’t want to pay my fees.

Google Sniper Still Works in 2016, and I Proved It

If you want to rank in the top of Google, like my site has, then you will need to look into purchasing Google Sniper. You can do so by clicking here, and following their guidelines as to how to rank any keyword set in the top rankings of Google. I just did it, and have provided proof. But I did it with free domain names. Imagine if my domain name was paid for? I would probably be at the number one spot, no doubt.

Look, you could either be skeptical about what I just did, or you could test out Google Sniper by clicking here, and seeing for yourself how powerful this is. Google Sniper works in 2016, simple as that.
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