Thursday, February 11, 2016

Going Beyond Google Sniper Traffic Generation Tips

Go Beyond Google Sniper Traffic Generation Tips 
When it comes to promoting anything online, you will need traffic. There’s no two ways about this, you will need to have traffic generation in order to make any sort of noise online. Google Sniper teaches traffic generation through their course. In the member’s area there is an eBook that you can read, as well as video modules that instruct you on how to get the most out of the SEO and marketing elements that are found online. Even though there is a great deal to learn in this category, many people just dismiss it or try to seek out other solutions. It’s for that reason that I’m going to discuss going beyond what you will learn in the course. These are from my own personal trials and errors dealing with affiliate marketing as a whole.

Guest Blogging On Irrelevant Blogs

Here is a trick that many marketers told me wouldn’t work, then I proved them wrong. The goal of guest blogging is to find blogs that are within your niche, right? Well that’s so that you can speak to an existing audience that is interested in what you’re doing. I don’t mind that, it’s a good path. But that’s going to have you speaking to the same audience you already are speaking to with your blog. Sure, you can get a rush of traffic, but you don’t want to convert the choir, they are already on board. So what do you do? Well, Google Sniper teaches traffic generation within this concept, which works. Don’t get me wrong, it does work, but going beyond that, you’ll want to find irrelevant blogs.

The reason why you want to get traffic from irrelevant blogs is because you need to have “unique”, untargeted hits to your page. This will bolster your SERP and give you a chance to speak to a fresh audience. A great number of people reading what you write may be skeptical, but you will find that you could convert new people as a result. The one time I saw a marketer use this to his advantage was through a book I read from a “stoner marketer”. He bought traffic on adult websites that promoted affiliate marketing through Clickbank. It paid off huge. He’s now retired and living in Amsterdam. The lucky bastard, am I right?

Creating An Alter Ego To Blog About Your Topic

Here’s something that I found recently, and it’s funny when you compare what you learn from Google Sniper. Google Sniper teaches traffic generation through specific blogging, paid advertising, and content management techniques. But I take it a step further. Create an author that is not you. A pen name, and write an auxiliary blog about your subject, that points to your page every three posts. Write 2 posts that are not linking to anything that you promote at all. Then on the third post, link to your major affiliate page and blog. This will build authority for your subject, and will take the marketing push away from your main page and give you a secondary voice. You can then create a circular marketing powerhouse that will build links, throw traffic your way and convert on the traffic generation tips that you find within Google Sniper today.

Master The Basics and Then Shatter Them With Google Sniper

The biggest thing that I recommend overall is simple, master the traffic generation tips that you find with Google Sniper. Buy Google Sniper by clicking here, then double down on their traffic generation techniques. Once you do that, go beyond them, and see how your affiliate conversions start to really pay off over time.

Interested in testing Google Sniper? Click here to test it, and review it for yourself. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Losing Money Trying To Promote Google Sniper Pages

Google Sniper Promotions Could Cost You Serious Money
When you start to work with internet marketing, you are going to be tempted to take short cuts. One of the things that I see people doing when they try to build Google Sniper pages is cut to the traffic generation options, and run. That’s not a bad idea, right? Why wouldn’t you want to have a lot of traffic come to your existing pages? Why even go through the beginner elements of the eBook or video modules? A lot of “experts” in marketing then take the information, fail to convert anything and call it a scam. It’s frustrating, especially when you see that things work well if you follow the right steps. Could you be losing money trying to promote these pages? Yes. How? You’re not paying attention to the bigger picture, and that’s the issue.

The Temptation To Expedite Earnings With Google Sniper

The number one thing that I can tell you about making money online is simple, it’s a slow burn. There’s no rush. I know, this is going to fly into the face of even what GSNIPER promoters talk about. But it’s true. Take this blog for instance, I am not pushing it like the world is ending. Why? Because long ago, I learned that in the case of blogging, marketing, and creating substantial internet collateral, slow and steady gets you rich. Some people can’t accept that, and the temptation to expedite things sets in. If you try to push the limits with any marketing collateral you have, you will end up with limited resources, and perhaps no income as a result of any attempts to build Google Sniper pages. Avoid the temptation of skipping ahead.

Google Admitted SEO Tactics Takes Up To 12 Months To Work

Here is something that you are going to absolutely hate to hear, but it’s true. SEO can take up to 12 months to work. That’s right, it could take you up to 12 months for the work you’re doing with traffic generation to come to fruition. Do you have a year to invest in the process of building Google Sniper pages and learning internet marketing? Chances are you won’t. So what do most people suggest for making an impact? Buying PPC ads, and spending money to promote your pages. That could work, in the short term, but the minute you run out of money, you will find your page goes back to getting very little attention. I don’t recommend that you just pay for traffic alone, you should work with SEO for the future as well.

How Fast Can You Spend Money On Google Sniper Promotion?

Google AdWords has a lot of keyword options. If you’re accepted within their program, you could spend your whole budget in 1 day. I tested this notion out recently, and blew through 100 dollars of clicks in 3 hours. I tested Yahoo Ads and Bing Ads the same, and guess what? They didn’t diminish as fast, but the spike in traffic was insane. Did my pages convert well? No! They were left back to normal, getting nominal hits and me trying to work out the SEO elements. Suffice to say, that when I build Google Sniper pages, I focus on SEO more than spending money on advertising. That’s what the member’s section of GSNIPER states as well. It’s easy to get caught up in the notion of fast rewards for little work, and while that may feel nice, it is not a good way to build a business over time.

Stop Bleeding Money Promoting Google Sniper Pages

At the end of the day, it’s best that you not spend all your money on PPC advertising and other promotions. Instead, stop bleeding money and learn the right path to making money with Google Sniper. When you buy google sniper by clicking here, read the information slowly, watch the videos and don’t try to speed up the process. Otherwise, you could end up losing money hand over fist, and receive no conversions for your pages. You can either believe me, or you could become the sole exception to the notion. It’s up to you, really.

Interested in testing Google Sniper? Click here to test it, and review it for yourself. You won't regret it.

Monday, February 8, 2016

3 Major Types of Sites You Can Create With Google Sniper Methods

3 Primary Types of Sites You Can Build With Google Sniper Methods
At the core of what Google Sniper methods are, publishing websites becomes the standard. When you’re in the member’s area and you go through the videos, and you download the eBook, you’re going to be setting up pages. There are many different examples that you can use to build your overall portfolio, but at the end of the day, you will find that there are 3 major options that people will try to convert with. I have tested each solution out myself, and find that these work quite well within the confines of the advanced traffic generation tips that Google Sniper discusses in their upsell. If you do not get the upsell, then you will have access to the extra tips, but hey, that’s up to you. In regards to their basic modules, here are 3 types of websites that you can create using their methods.

A Specific Niche Blog

The primary things that Google Sniper methods focus on are blogging type sites. The course discusses WordPress pages. You can register a domain name and install this within a moment’s notice. Once you do that, you will be able to start building your content, and driving traffic to the page. The goal is to build niche sites that attract targeted users. For instance, I built a blog about skateboarding, and found that people were interested in videos, merchandise, and books on the subject. You could build a site about anything you like. I suggest that you choose a niche that you love, but that’s up to you to really decide.

An Amazon A-Store

This is one of the most fascinating things that you can work on when you know how to harness the Google Sniper methods in the member’s area. The Amazon a-store option can be miserable to convert with, if you don’t utilize the methods discussed with Google Sniper. I built one of the basic options, and was able to pull in some decent traffic and conversions. However, you have to be specific with your niche. I isolated a list of classical literature, and then promoted it with a blog that reviewed the classics. It turned out well, but I gave up on it because I’m working on my master’s degree, and well, I spend too much time reading and writing about classics already. I don’t want to have to try and make money on them and go to school. People don’t like a-store, but I know it can convert with Google Sniper techniques.

An Affiliate Marketing Squeeze Page

The third type of site that you can set up with Google Sniper methods is a squeeze page. The purpose of a squeeze page is to pull information from someone and then give them something in return. The most common versions of this type of page is found in affiliate marketing. When you land on a page and you are asked to supply your email address to subscribe to a newsletter, you’ve been squeezed. Bad pun aside, the purpose is to collect email addresses and personal information to help promote products, services, and send newsletters. I purposely do not do that on this page. However, big name SEO companies and services do this regularly in exchange for eBooks, and other options. You may enter this when you go to a fast food place and take a survey after your visit. There’s a lot of clever ways to do this, but when you utilize Google Sniper methods, you can set these up fast, and watch your conversions roll in.

Learn About Even More Types of Sites You Can Create With Google Sniper

If you are interested in learning how to set up even more types of pages, you can do so with Google Sniper’s members area. In order to get there, you need to buy Google Sniper by clicking here. Once you login, read the eBook, watch the modules, and see the coaching, examples, and more. That’s where you will see what to build, and how to generate traffic to your pages for maximum conversions. Done right, you can turn any of the pages you create into money making affiliate marketing powerhouses. If you don’t make money, simply get a refund, simple as that.

Interested in testing Google Sniper? Click here to test it, and review it for yourself. You won't regret it.

Picking A Google Sniper Niche You Do Not Hate To Work With

Finding A Niche You Love Is The Key To Success Online
There have been times when selecting a niche for profit meant selling out, in a way. Meaning that you go against what you like and instead just did things for money. Marketers are guilty of this a lot, and even I have done this in my own personal quest to make money online. Through setting up google sniper pages, I have found myself at a loss several times in my career. Even though some niches are profitable, you may not love them, and that’s where the real disconnect occurs. There are a few ways to pick niches, but in regards to the “love” that you want to have for the purpose of making money, there are a few things you can do.

Don’t Go With “Easy” Niches

There are niches that people talk about as easy. But when you go through the motions of setting up google sniper pages, you will find that it’s not “easy” at all. One such option for me was the world of “male enhancement”. There was a point in my affiliate networking that I wrote 400 blog posts about this. That’s right, 400 blog posts that I then distributed across 10 domains and cycled through press releases, and much more. By the time I finished this project, I had a serious amount of leverage in the niche and while it was nice to profit, I found the deluge of refunds and lackluster SERP rankings to be worth quitting over. Easy niches aren’t always as easy as you think. Remember that.

If You Do Not Love Your Niche, You Will Quit

I have worked with many niches that I hated. There was one option that I absolutely loathed, but hey, money right? That was the “preppers” niche. I worked on a site that was selling survival gear through Amazon’s Affiliate program. This was horrendous, and I got bored with it fast. I didn’t want to sell fear, and while there were sales here and there, I just hated doing it. When you hate setting up google sniper pages in a niche, you will not profit significantly. That’s right, you cannot profit from something that you inherently hate, it’s just too hard to manage.

Picking The Right Niche Matters To Your Personal Choices

The best bit of advice that you can go with in regards to internet marketing is simple, pick something that you love. For me, the love of skateboarding, video games, art, and design have left me with many options to promote. I also like setting up google sniper pages for profit, which is why this blog exists. However, I have gone through the motions of learning how to do this with terrible niche ideas, and have even published Kindle books on the matter. Picking the right niche to work with is not just a matter of profit, it’s a matter of what you personally can stand. If you can’t stand the niche you’re in, then walk away, and try something you love.

Finding The Perfect Niche and Profiting From It With Google Sniper

Once you think about a niche, you’ll need to work on setting up google sniper pages. That’s where buying Google Sniper by clicking here comes into play. When you sign up for this e-course, go through the member’s section slowly. Set up your page, and build traffic. In time, your love of a niche will translate into money, and that could fuel the notion of quitting your day job. I know that’s what happened to me, and it happens all the time to others. It starts with learning the right steps to making money online, and then repeating them over and over again.

Interested in testing Google Sniper? Click here to test it, and review it for yourself. You won't regret it.

Dealing With Google Sniper Lulls In Traffic

Google Sniper Traffic Lulls are Inevitable
Traffic generation is the hardest thing to get for free. There, I said it. Even if you’re promoting websites using google sniper methods, you are going to find that there are lulls in your traffic. I have experienced them in all facets of affiliate marketing, especially with websites that are targeted in terms of niche. There are several ways that you can deal with this. The first is simple, you could see it as a sign to give up and walk away from internet marketing. A lot of people do this, and it’s unfortunate. However, it’s something that you will definitely need to consider if you’re not really into working online and making money. It takes time to build a business online, so if you feel that it’s not worth your time, then stop.

The Weekend Drop Off

The first major thing that you will see in regards to traffic generation drops is the weekend. The weekends are the worst time to promote websites through natural means, unless you are scamming people. One way to scam some cheap traffic is to hinge off of people that don’t have cable access. For instance, if you see that there’s a UFC event that is only available through pay per view, then you can easily write a post about how to stream it. Or perhaps title it “free stream”, and you can pull a lot of generic, non-targeted traffic on the weekend. Of course, this is not what google sniper methods point to, but hey, the weekend drop off is going to sting a bit.

The Paid Traffic Drop Off

This happens a great deal, when you pay for traffic you will see a rise in hits. But when your budget runs out, you will see a huge drop in traffic, because you’re not paying for it any more. This is bad news for marketers, and while google sniper methods do talk about 3 tiers of traffic generation, I find that most don’t really work on the other 2, they just pay for the hits outright. Well, dealing with this drop off isn’t fun, but you’re going to have to isolate the other free options in terms of traffic in order to gain a helping hand in regards to making money with affiliate networking, and PPC campaigns alike.

Take On The Advanced Traffic Generation Techniques of Google Sniper

Ok, so you see a drop in traffic. There are lulls that are going to be expected, even within the basic concepts of google sniper methods. To offset that, you’re going to have to take on the advanced techniques that are found in the member’s area. If you are not a member of the e-course, then go ahead and buy Google Sniper by clicking here. Then once you’re logged in, go to the traffic section module to learn about the advanced traffic generation options that you can use. It’s there that you will be able to grab the proverbial bull by the horns, and stop these drop offs from killing your business online.

Interested in testing Google Sniper? Click here to test it, and review it for yourself. You won't regret it.

Friday, February 5, 2016

5 Ways To Ensure Your Google Sniper Pages Have Likable Content

Likable Content Is The True Key To Internet Marketing
Here’s the thing, content marketing with google sniper requires more than just raw hits. When you first sign up for the e-course, you are going to be tempted to just be strict, follow the steps and showcase no personality. Personality is the one thing that you are going to need to inject in your pages, and content. Even if you hire someone to do everything that you learn from the GSNIPER program, you need to ensure that you are adding your own personal flair. The secret to making money online is not just following the same steps everyone else does. The real secret is finding a way to publish likable content. That’s right, likable content rules the internet. It’s for that reason that I’ve compiled the following 5 essential ways to ensure your content marketing with google sniper is likable above all else. Why? Because that’s how you produce conversion rates that spike, without plummeting.

Document Your Opinions Regardless of What People Will Think

The first thing that you need to do is something that I recommended a while ago. I recommended that when you use content marketing with google sniper, you should use first person experiences. You need to stop thinking of creating content means that you are going to be the next Neil Gaiman or Peter Jennings. You are not a journalist documenting a war, and you’re not a best-selling author talking to millions of fans. Sometimes I refer to myself as the poor man’s Stephen King. Why? Because I’m a poor man, and wish I was Stephen King. If you want your content to be likable and you want conversion rates to rise, you’ll need to be personal about what you’re doing, and let your opinions stand out, even if they are not popular.

Don’t Lean Heavy On Sales Copy

If you want to ensure that you have a loyal readership, you are going to need to lay off the “sales” mentality. Yes, there are some that say “always be closing”, but when it comes to affiliate marketing you can’t take on the hard sell mentality. Instead of doing this, lean heavy on the value of following your links, and perhaps give more than you ask in a takeaway. For instance, if you look at some of the titles that I have utilized for this blog, I try to paint Google Sniper in a positive light, but I don’t always just talk about buying. Instead, I speak to the success of making money online with all sorts of ideas, even if you decide not to use content marketing with google sniper. If you want to have more likable publishing collateral, don’t lean so hard on sales in everything you post.

Speak To People’s Real Experiences With Google Sniper or Any Product

The biggest brands in advertising today engage their audience. Think about Coca-Cola’s latest campaign to share a coke. They not only used advertising to engage their audience to share, but they also personalized their labels. The labels have names, and generalized terms, and it sold like gangbusters. You can do that too when you’re working within affiliate marketing. If you focus on engaging the audience with a real experience, even if it’s personal, you will enter in a new world of traffic generation and sales. Let people know how, what, and why you’re working with, and whether or not it’s working well. The more you speak to how other people’s experiences are and your own, you’ll be able to become more likable. Likable content comes from likable notes and honest reflection about branding. Sometimes, you need to share and comment more than you need to verbally construct tutorials.

Tackle Negative Topics With A Spotlight On Silver Linings

There are times when I have answered the question of whether or not Google Sniper is a scam. This is because I have tackled the negativity that people have in regards to this e-course. If you look up this question in Google, you will find that there are hundreds and thousands of people’s comments and videos about it. It got so bad that George Brown and Click Bank put up a disclaimer about people using the keywords “google sniper scam” and derivatives of that. You cannot use that to make sales, or you will get banned. So what can you do? Well, don’t go negative. I don’t attack other programs, I don’t speak about other e-courses or anything. I do that on purpose. This site is not a hate filled blog about how you should only buy Google Sniper and nothing else. Instead, I try to offer information by tackling hard concepts and showing a spotlight on the good that there may be found. There’s plenty of negativity online, why add more? Seriously.

Don’t Be Afraid of Changes In Google Sniper or Other Marketing Forms

One of the most compelling things that I can talk about in regards to making your content likable is about fear. Do not be afraid of changes. Google Sniper, marketing in general, Google’s algorithm, marketing, and all the topics that are under that umbrella are going to change. These changes are going to pose serious things that you have to deal with. Do not be scared of losing SERP rankings, do not be scared of lackluster conversion rates, and so much more. Don’t be afraid. If you are scared, if you do not focus on evolving, your content will be boring and likability will not manifest, guaranteed.

Before You Can Be Likable, You Need To Master The Basics

As you can see, there are 5 ways to ensure your Google Sniper pages are more likable. But in order to get this down to a science, you’ll need to first buy Google Sniper by clicking here. When you do that, pay attention to the member’s area, and follow the steps. Once you master the methods, build your content and pursue likability. This e-course may cost you a little, but the payoff for learning internet marketing from GSNIPER will be huge. If you don’t make money, simply get a refund, simple as that.

Interested in testing Google Sniper? Click here to test it, and review it for yourself. You won't regret it.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Can Google Sniper Work With International Traffic Pages?

International Marketing With Google Sniper Can Pay Off Big
Here is the one thing that I know people are forgetting. The English speaking world is NOT your only target. Whether you choose to use google sniper or not, you will find that this world has far more people that do not speak English than you may know. For instance, there are billions of people in China that would click, buy, and work with your clickbank pages. Now, not every international language site will make money, but you need to know that it is possible. For this site, I write in English, but guess what? My first bit of PPC earnings in just 4 days comes from Italy. This site automatically converts to Italian, and someone clicked through ads, even though I don’t write this site in Italian.

Foreign Language Translation and Clickbank

Here is the first thing that you need to know about when you choose to use google sniper, foreign language translation is the critical element of moving ahead of the pack. You’re going to face competition for your keywords in English, no matter what you do. But what if you could tap a market that has millions of users that no one else is targeting? That’s where this notion of foreign language translation came to me. I was running a skateboarding site, one that I don’t update nearly as much anymore, but I translated everything into Spanish language. Guess what happened? Sales jumped from Latin America. Why? Most internet marketers are NOT targeting foreign translation for Clickbank.

What If You Don’t Write In Another Language?

If you do not write another language, then don’t panic. You can find language translators through a variety of freelance websites, and you can ensure that you are able to get a handle on the language if you study. For those that choose to use google sniper, set up language translation plugins to your WordPress page, or set up an auxiliary blog for free. Whatever the case is, make sure that you target other countries, with various languages.

Mirrored Content Still Works With Google Sniper

This is not duplicate content in the traditional sense. Instead, what you could do to help your rankings in other countries is to translate all of your content into another language and literally publish it on another domain. Don’t use a translator plugin or anything like that. Instead, literally translate the content you’re creating in English and turn it into another language, get a new image and post it. Link your Clickbank or other affiliate pages, and build back links from other countries. You’ll be absolutely amazed by how powerful foreign language marketing can work for you. For me, the most powerful of attempts has been to target Brazil and Portugal. Their traffic pays, and all it took was for an automatic translation to go through.

Want To Make Money Online?

I fully throw my support in for Google Sniper. If you buy Google Sniper by clicking here, you can learn techniques to target marketing collateral and make money on the internet. If you don’t earn, then get a refund, simple as that.

Interested in testing Google Sniper? Click here to test it, and review it for yourself. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sometimes No One Buys After Using Google Sniper Techniques

What If No One Buys With Google Sniper? Quit? 
Here is a real life lesson from internet marketing. No matter what you use, whether you are adhering to the advanced Google Sniper techniques mentioned in GSNIPER’s member’s area, or you are using your own methods, there will be a slow season. In my journey to document progression through internet marketing, I can truly say that January of 2016 has been the absolutely worst in terms of marketing collateral. Even though I’ve managed to hustle my way into a few sales, the drop off has been nearly 90 percent. In fact, what started off as a good month has settled into the first week that I do not see sales with any of my Google Sniper pages. This is not a new kind of story, and there are going to be points where you will want to explore what to do next.

Sometimes No One Is Going To Buy Anything From Your Affiliate Pages

I hate to admit it, but it’s true. There comes a time when NO ONE is going to buy or click through your links. That’s just something that you are going to have to deal with. Affiliate networking is a hard road at times, and if you’re not evolving, you will see this and panic. I panicked the last week. 9 days straight without a sale. Even using the most advanced Google Sniper techniques, I saw nothing. No conversions, no click through rate, nothing. It was like Google had completely forgotten about all my pages. This is the awful truth, sometimes no one buys anything.

Maybe Get A Real Job?

Here’s another honest thing that I’ve dealt with, and you will no doubt deal with in your ventures to try and make money online. Is it time to get a real job? If you’re like me, you don’t do anything else besides writing and working on marketing. If you do other things, then those things fund you and pay for bills. Unfortunately, this is ALL I do. When this is not making money, I am broke and penniless. Should I get a real job? I cannot answer that for you. For me? I don’t know, it’s only the second day of February.

What About Giving Up On Google Sniper and Affiliate Marketing?

Here is the hardest question that you will have to answer. I have written 41 some odd posts about GSNIPER and how to make money online. Is it time to pack up and go away? No. From the start of this site, I have been working on a kindle book, which will document what you can and cannot do with advanced Google Sniper techniques. One of the things that you will need to learn, no matter what eBook or member’s area you are a part of is simple, how to navigate the low points. There’s a silver lining here, and that’s Google’s AdSense. As long as there is money from that, then you are going to have a reason to push forward, simple as that.

What Should You Do When No One Buys?

It’s easy to get caught up in the valleys of affiliate marketing. However, to fight back, you should pick up Google Sniper by clicking here, and invest time into managing your pages to earn, even when affiliate marketing doesn’t. I mentioned AdSense, and that’s the sole survivor of my January investments. Sometimes, PPC is the way to go, and that’s why I stress traffic generation from GSNIPER’s members page. Sign up, build sites, get traffic, make money. Done and done.

Interested in testing Google Sniper? Click here to test it, and review it for yourself. You won't regret it.

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