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3 Simple Tips For Using Google Sniper To Beat Competition

3 Tips For Using Google Sniper To Beat Competition
One of the main things that you are going to learn when you use Google Sniper to beat competition is how to find keyword placements that no one is really thinking about. I found a few key elements when searching through a niche about cult horror movies. Most people were focusing on “reviews” instead of other elements like box cover art, release dates, and even screenings. As I started to break down the niche a bit more, I found some other gems, and that was thanks to how Google Sniper shows how to get keywords that aren’t necessarily in high competition. There are a few tips that George Brown discusses in this light that will change how you work with internet marketing as a whole, and 3 of them are listed below.

Competing For Highly Targeted Keywords and Not Volume

When you look at a niche, you may want to approach the highest volume of keywords available. That’s something positive, right? Of course. You want to reach the widest audience in most cases. However, if you’re going to try and compete in a niche that has 10,000 search results a month, and 9,000 of them aren’t really buying what you’re selling, you’re in for a loss. Instead, when you use Google Sniper to beat competition, you will be shown how to target less volume, but higher targeted visitors. So instead of competing for 10,000, you can compete for something like 5,000 and get 1,000 visitors actually buy your items. Now, this is not a guarantee, but if you have laser targeted keywords and visitors are looking for very specific elements, you’ll convert. It’s that simple.

Converting On Auxiliary Keywords With Google Sniper

One of the tricks that I figured out while I was using Google Sniper was in regards to auxiliary keyword placements. When you use Google Sniper to beat competition, and go through the video modules, you are going to be shown an example as to how to get keywords that aren’t necessarily within the exact targeted word you’re looking for. Sometimes, a synonym that is close to the bigger idea will garner you a lot of traffic. Just by being associated to something will help you. For instance, in a skateboarding niche, I was able to place a site based on the idea of “learn to skateboard street style”, which wasn’t my goal. However, with that, I was able to place higher than even some of the skateboarding brands!

Getting Faster Indexing

Perhaps the best thing that I learned when using this product was to place sites higher. I have a site about Russian Orthodox Prayer Beads, and within 11 days it was placed at the second page of Google. Not exactly big, right? But that’s 11 days! Within 17 days, it was the number one listed page on Google for the keyword, ranked higher than Amazon, and even churches! That’s the kind of power that you can expect if you use Google Sniper to beat competition. Now, I have since been pushed down the rankings, but that’s only as a result of my lack of updates on the site, as the new year has garnered me a break in the action and publishing. But I will be back to it in the near future, no doubt.

It’s easy for me to say all this, as I’ve gone through the program myself. However, I recommend that you use Google Sniper to beat competition for yourself. Test the waters, and if you don’t like it, get a refund. Simple as that.

Interested in testing Google Sniper? Click here to test it, and review it for yourself. You won't regret it.

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