Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Google Sniper Is Not Just About Affiliate Marketing

Sometimes, This Is All I Want To Say To Skeptics
People get the wrong idea. They come to this blog, or they look at what I do on Fiverr or other places and immediately assume that all of the Google Sniper elements are for affiliate marketing. That’s not true. However, a good portion of the writing that is done on this blog and the links that are created for it are to help promote the site. If you were to buy Google Sniper here, yes, I would get a small commission. However, I have never on this site told anyone that it’s the only way to make money online. I wanted to update the page today to discuss something that I hear a lot of chatter about, and it’s the fact that many people fail to make money with Google Sniper and Clickbank as a whole.

What If You Make NO Money With Google Sniper Affiliate Marketing?

Here’s the thing. You didn’t pay attention to the site. If you bought a bootleg, or perhaps found someone’s YouTube updates about this, you lost the main point. If you did not click the links that I’ve provided you to purchase the latest edition of this marketing product, then you are not following the right protocol. Now, let’s just say that you ignore me, and you have GSNIPER that you bought somewhere else. You still did not listen or read through the plan of making money. Now, this site, admittedly does not make $100 a day, or even $6,000 a month with Clickbank or affiliate marketing.

Advertising Is The KEY

That’s right, I admitted that this site doesn’t get the big bucks in affiliate marketing. But where does the money come from? It comes from Advertising, and specialized content updates. That’s right. I turned a lot of the content that I have been discussing here into a Kindle book, and then sold advertising through various means on this page, and use Google’s AdSense as well. That’s what I’ve been trying to communicate since the inception of the Google Sniper blog that I’ve been pushing here. In the GSNIPER member’s area, you will find that there is a frank discussion about how to make money outside of just clickbank and affiliate marketing sales! If you pay attention, you can turn profits even when NO ONE is buying a single thing.

This Free Blog Makes Money

This site doesn’t get millions of hits. But guess what? It makes money. It does so through AdSense, Clickbank, Private Advertising, and content updates that I do on my own. All on a free platform! Now, how did I get here? I took the first two months of this year to write a lot of content, then slowed down my pace, and promoted Google Sniper HERE. That’s it. If you want to profit, then pay close attention to the member’s areas of the site I keep trying to tell you about.

Or don’t.

In the end, I make money whether you decide to test the waters or not. Even though I tell you that you should test things for yourself, you may not. That’s fine. I’ll be here, still working on the backend, and updating pages to prove that Google Sniper works, and that internet marketing is not just for those that have money to invest.

Interested in testing Google Sniper? Click here to test it, and review it for yourself. You won't regret it.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

3 Reasons You need To Let SEO Takeover When Promoting Clickbank and Google Sniper

Letting SEO Takeover Will Produce Record Sales Guaranteed 
If you have been following this blog at all, you know that it has been a hard thing to put up. I ran through my first 50 topics fast. I now have a new set of 50 ideas to run through, and we start today. Why today? Well, I wanted to mention that today, as of March 3, 2016, I have had a record sales day with Clickbank. How big? Well, it’s been tremendous, we’re talking 17 sales in one day, and now a leader in promoting a products through Clickbank. Now, how did I get to that many sales in one day. Well, I didn’t just promote that one product, I did a number of things to get to that level, and I owe it to SEO that I learned from Google Sniper’s methods. You can learn SEO with Google Sniper here. There are 3 reasons why you should not panic if you don’t see sales, and instead let SEO takeover from time to time.

SEO Is Not Immediate

Here is the biggest misconception that people have when it comes to search engine optimization, and it’s speed. People assume that you can learn all that you can from Google Sniper and just make money on day one. That’s not how it works. When you honestly learn SEO with Google Sniper here, you will need to apply yourself. For example, this blog took me 2 months to compile 50 posts, and even then I did not see a lot of sales, until today, when things started to really take off. Why? Because I was working on the SEO portion of the Google Sniper path. SEO is NOT an immediate solution to conversions with any affiliate marketing program, it’s just not.

People Find You Slowly

Another reason why you should learn SEO with Google Sniper is because you can learn how patience is the key to making serious money. I’m not saying that you are going to make 10,000 a day, but I have found that I tripled my AdSense earnings in a week, and have found myself seeing more and more sales on a daily basis. Why? Because I didn’t just throw in the towel when I didn’t get sales. I went through a drought in January. I missed 8 days straight of sales in Clickbank, and AdSense was abysmal. I just kept writing, kept working, and today, I can see the results of those initial 50 posts. People found me slowly, and now my Fiverr orders are taking off, and this site is getting a lot of conversions.

Google Sniper Works Over Time

Here’s the last reason that you should let SEO takeover when you’re promoting anything, and it’s that Google Sniper works over time. It took me 3 months of using the techniques that George Brown talks about in Google Sniper’s eBook and member’s area to convert into the thousand-dollar mark. Can you do the same? Of course! I wouldn’t be writing this blog and focusing on the subject of marketing if I was lying, because what good is that?

Here’s the thing, you should learn SEO with Google Sniper here. Then apply yourself to the 90-day rule that I have exhibited in this blog. Write 50 posts or hire someone like the link to fiverr in my sidebar, and get them posted on your blog. Then just wait for SEO to takeover. It took me from January 8, 2016 to March 3, 2016 to see results. How long will it take you? I suggest putting in 90 days, and see how big your wallet gets.

Interested in testing Google Sniper? Click here to test it, and review it for yourself. You won't regret it.

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